A Piper Cub bibliography (continued)

Cub articles, manuals, videos

Alaska Airmen Association. Logbook. "An invaluable resource." [Rick C]

Coontz, Stephen. "The Good Old Days." AOPA Pilot, October 2000. Flying with your foot out the door. [DF]

Cub Club. Cub Clues. 16-page newsletter published six times a year. Sharon and Steve Krog, editor-publishers, 1002 Heather Lane, Hartford WI 53027. Photos, articles, tips, classified ads, supplier ads.

Ford, Daniel. "Roger, I Have the Controls." University of New Hampshire Magazine, Spring 1999. Learning to fly in a Piper L-4.

------ "A Big Lake, a Little Plane, and 12 Gallons of Gas." Wall Street Journal, 28 January 2002. Pleasures of flying a small plane.

------ "A Sentimental Journey to Lock Haven." Air&Space/Smithsonian, October-November 2002.

Goyer, Norm. "An Amphibious Husky: The Best of the Breed." Private Pilot, December 2001. Test flight, with background on Aviat and the Husky's debt to the Piper Cub / Super Cub. [DF]

Marsh, Alton. "A Gathering of Parts." AOPA Pilot, October 2000. Cub Crafters Top Cubs. [DF]

Piper Aircraft Corporation. Cub Flier. Lock Haven PA: Piper Aircraft, dates? Company newsletter.

Piper Aircraft Corporation. Financial Statement. Lock Haven PA: Piper Aircraft, 1938.

Piper Aircraft Corporation. How to Fly a Piper Cub. Lock Haven PA: Piper Aircraft, 1946. Naturally when I decided to switch my allegiance to the Cub, I asked for a copy of the Pilot's Operating Handbook. With a laugh, George sold me this pamphlet for $6, and I have seen many such sales and laughs in the three years since. I don't know who reprinted it--New Piper Aircraft? Anyhow, it's a 32-page period piece with a price list ($2,195 for a Cub Special, flyaway Lock Haven--that would compute to about $40,000 today), sales brochure, and how-to-fly course in 53 photos. Available at 7B3 Hampton NH and probably elsewhere. [DF]

Piper Aircraft Corporation. Service Manual for J-3 Piper Cub. Eagan MN: Flying Books, date? (I bought mine from Piper Aviation Museum, Lock Haven PA, for $10; don't know if this is the same edition.) Facsimile reprint, large format, spiral bound. [df] Available from Historic Aviation.

Piper Aircraft Corporation. Super Cub Owner's Handbook. Lock Haven PA: Piper Aircraft, revised 1977. There are other editions; this is for SN 18-7409140 and up.

Piper, William Jr. From Cub to Navaho: The Story of the Piper Aircraft Corporation. New York: Newcomen Society, 1970.

Piper, William Sr. Private Flying, Today and Tomorrow. New York: Pittman, 1949.

Piper, William Sr. What Your Town Needs for the Coming Air Age. Lock Haven PA: Piper Aircraft, 1944.

TM Technologies. Preflight Inspection / Piper Factory Construction of the J-3 Cub. Two Piper training films in VHS format. 2002.

---- J3 Annual Inspection, Airframe / J3 Annual Inspection, Engine. Two Piper training films in VHS format. 2002.

Wakefield, Ken. "On a Postage Stamp." FlyPast, March 2000. WWII Cub strips in Britain. [DF]

Taildraggers, bush pilots, and suchlike topics

Deremer, Dale. Water Flying Concepts: An Advanced Text on Wilderness Water Flying. Aviation Book Co., 1996. "Best book on practical float flying once you have your license to learn.... Geared to floats but has some valuable wilderness flying and fly camping sections that are valuable for all. For anyone considering a trip to Alaska or western Canada. [Rick C]

Faure, Marin. Flying a Floatplane. New York: McGraw Hill, 1996. [Michael Snow]

Federal Aviation Administration. Airplane Flying Handbook. Yes, the bureaucracy can do something right! Personally, I found this book more useful than Langewiesch's fabled Stick and Rudder. I would use it to rehearse what I'd done in the days' flying lesson in the Cub. [DF]

Imeson, Sparky. Mountain Flying Bible & Flight Operations Handbook Expanded. Aurora Publications, Jackson, Wyoming, 1998. This book is not particularly well written, with many typos and many things repeated. However, there is a wealth of information on the subject of mountain flying that I have not seen anywhere else. I highly recommend it for those who will be venturing into mountain areas or higher elevations. [Lynn Towns]

Greiner, James. Wager With the Wind: The Don Sheldon Story. New York: St Martin's Press, 1982. Story of a Talkeetna bush pilot whose many rescues included a landing on Denali. That looks like a Super Cub on the cover. [Todd Chishum]

Grindle, Link. Flying--Off the Pavement: A Manual for the Amateur Bush Pilot. Published by Lasenda Publishers, South Laguna, California, 1977. LT: "I bought a used copy of this book from Harvest Books. The book has some useful information, particularly the chapter on wilderness survival." [Darren Lucke, Lynn Towns]

Langewiesche, Wolfgang. Stick and Rudder, An Explanation of the Art of Flying. McGraw-Hill, New York: 1944, updated 1972. "Sometimes boring and convoluted, but a very thorough explanation of the art of flying, describing both what to do and why, and what not to do (and why). Most of his examples are for airplanes with weights and speeds nearly identical to a PA-11 Cub. This is a book that I wish I would have read when I was learning to fly." [Lynn Towns]

Potts, F. E. Guide to Bush Flying: Concepts and Techniques for the Pro. Aviation Book Co., 1993. "I really enjoyed F.E. Potts book the most." [Darren Lucke] I would liked more space devoted to the landing & takeoff chapters. [DF] Reviewed on this website

Plourde, Harvey. The Compleat Taildragger Pilot. Goffstown NH: Plourde family, 1991. Not specifically about Cubs, but invaluable for any taildragger pilot. [DF] Reviewed on this website

Rogers, Earl. Flying the Rim. Nice recollection of a 1950s uranium prospector in a Super Cub "graybird", each chapter twinned with one recollecting his training as a Naval aviator. Booklocker.com 2002. [df]

Wanttaja, Ron. Kitplane Construction. New York: McGraw Hill, 1996. [Michael Snow]