Maurice Kirk and Liberty Girl
Maurice Kirk and Liberty Girl in 1979. Maurice bought the L-4 in France and flew it home in winter weather. He was refused permission to land at Biggin Hill, the famous WWII airport near London, because there was ice on the runway! So he put down on a golf course—not for the last time.

The earlier adventures of Maurice Kirk

I did a search of British newspapers to discover if they were paying any more attention to the London-Sydney Air Race than their Americans cousins. Answer: not much! However, I did find this story about the previous adventures of Maurice Kirk. It appeared in the Daily Telegraph in August 1997:

Pilot lands on golf course and asks to join the club

By David Millward

A FORMER stunt pilot surprised golfers by landing his Piper Cub near their driving range to clean a dirty windscreen.

He then took advantage of the unscheduled stop to pick up a membership form. But golfers say Maurice Kirk - nicknamed "Biggles" - is more likely to receive an official complaint than a membership card.

John Bailey, a player at Oake Manor Golf Club, near Taunton, Somerset, said: "We heard this almighty noise and thought the plane was going to crash-land. Golfers were forced to stop playing because a ball in the propeller could cause a terrible accident."

Mike King, one of the club's owners, said: "This is the second time he has tried this. He landed within 10 yards of four players. What he did was very stupid and irresponsible. He should be reported to the Civil Aviation Authority."

Mr Kirk, 52, a vet from Barry, South Wales, said he had been visiting his parents near Taunton and ran into trouble on his return. "I had an oil leak and some of it was getting on to my windscreen. I circled the area twice and only landed when I was satisfied that no one was playing golf. I popped in to ask about membership. No one complained to me at the time."

The CAA said Mr Kirk may not have committed an offence, depending on the circumstances.