Four One Victor, all new, all over again :)

41V on the field

Four One Victor is the first Cub I ever flew, on an introductory flight at Hampton Airport in March 1998. The instructor was Tim Allen. When I complained that I couldn't see the instruments for his shoulders, he covered the panel with both hands and cried: "You don't need this s**t! Fly with what's outside!"

I so fell in love with the airplane that I finished up my training and took my check flight in the Cubs. (See "Roger, I Have the Controls") By that time, alas, a panicky student had hit the brakes and flipped Four One Victor during a high-speed taxi. For years it sat at the back of the hangar, a mournful collection of bent tubing and torn fabric. Last summer it got on a truck, went to a barn in Portsmouth, and was lovingly rebuilt into the plane you see here. (Why was it painted beige? Danged if I know. The original was silver, as befitting a postwar Massachusetts Air Guard aircraft.)

41V three-quarter view
Four One Victor in the hangar, awaiting an engine

41V instrument panel
Instrument panel. Gosh, it's nice to see an all-new Cub!

41V star and bars
The star and bars on Four One Victor