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Cub production, 1931-2019

Nearly 50,000 Cubs have been built over the past 88 years, beginning with the Taylor Aircraft E-2 and continuing today with the Legend Cub, Cub Sport, and various kits and plans. For more about the planes included here, see What's a Piper Cub?. If you have information on any of these production runs, please send email.

The original line

model name cost when quantity

Taylor Aircraft (Bradford PA, Lock Haven PA)
E-, F-, H-2 Cub $1,325-1,475 1931-36 348
J-2 New Cub $1,270-1,470 1936-38 1,132

Piper Aircraft (Lock Haven PA)
J-2 New Cub?
1937-38 50
J-3* Cub, Sport $995-2,461 1938-47 19,073
J-4 Cub Coupe $1,848-2,575 1938-42 1,251
J-5* Cub Cruiser $1,798-2,150 1940-45 1,506
PA-11* Cub Special $2,195-2,395 1947-50 1,316
PA-12 Super Cruiser $3,295-3,495 1946-48 3,759
PA-14 Family Cruiser $3,825-3,925 1948-49 238
PA-18* Super Cub
$3,595-47,000 1949-82 10,224

Piper Aircraft Associates (Long Beach CA)
J-2 Western Cub
1936-38 22

Piper aircraft assembled in Canada
J-2 Cub? n/a 1936-37 34
J-3 Prospector
1946-47, 1952 187

Piper aircraft assembled in Denmark
J-2, -3, -4 Cub
1938-39, 1945 34?

Pipe aircraft assembled in Argentina
J-3 Cub?
1940s 16
PA-18 Super Cub?
1990s 11

Piper Aircraft (Ponca OK)
J-3 Cub
1946-47 1,086
PA-11 Cub Special

Piper Aircraft (Vero Beach FL)
PA-18 Super Cub $42,595-80,000 1988-94 102

WTA (Lubbock TX)
PA-18 Super Cub
1980s 15*

The 21st century look-alikes

American Legend Aircraft (Sulphur Springs TX)
AL3 Classic Cub
2005- n/a
AL18 Super Legend
2005- n/a
-- kit w/engine
2007- n/a

Cub Crafters (Yakima WA)
Carbon Cub
2006- n/a
CC-18 Top Cub
1999- n/a

Backcountry Super Cubs (Douglas WY)
-- Super Cub Revision 2
kit $86,050+
n/a n/a
-- Backcountry Boss
kit $92,050+
n/a n/a

Zlin Aviation (Czech Republic)
S-LSA Savage
1997- n/a

Johnston Aviation (New Cumberland WV)
-- Tiger Cub UL
kit $12,560+
1996- n/a
-- Tiger Cub Sport II
plans only?
n/a n/a


n/a - information not available.

J-3* - Production figures for the J-3, J-5, PA-11, and PA-18 include military variants manufactured during the Second World War.

Figures up to 1995 are taken from Roger Peperell, Piper Aircraft. Additional material from Peter Bowers, Piper Cubs; Emil Hauge in Cub Clues, Nov-Dec 2000; emails from Cub Crafters, Smith Aviation, Turbine Cubs of Wyoming, and American Legend Aircraft; AOPA Pilot, May 2006; and Bob West at North American Sport Aviation.

WTA in Lubbock bought the marketing rights and 15 Super Cubs, which are included in sales figures for Piper or New Piper (none were built in Texas). Some Cubs were assembled from kits and may also be counted in the Pennsylvania numbers.

Peperell says 48 Cubs were shipped to Denmark; Haugue says 47, with 32 planes actually assembled by 1940. About 15 were seized by the Luftwaffe, 13 were destroyed by fire during the war, and 2 were assembled postwar.

The Tiger Cub and Savage aircraft are generally powered by a Rotax engine. The Tiger Cub is single-seat; the kit is airframe only, without engine, prop, instruments, and paint. The Sport II carries two passengers.

Savage aircraft are RTF -- ready to fly. Price is for the Savage Bobber.

A large but unknown number of Cub replicas have been home-built; Wag-Aero alone had sold some 2,000 kits and plans by 2008.

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