All about the immortal J-3 Piper Cub and L-4 Grasshopper, built by William Piper at Lock Haven, which evolved into the PA-11 Cub Special, PA-18 Super Cub, and the Legend Cub and other lookalikes of today

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Max has a prop, needs an instrument

I have an appeal from Max Church: " In the late 1950's my dad and 5 others went together and purchased a J-3 to learn to fly. It was in the winter and he was taxiing out to the runway to take off and hit a ice ridge left by the snow plow clearing the runway. He was left with two options: Hold the stick back and jab the throttle to hop over the ridge, or shut it off and push it over the ridge and walk back to tarmac and have someone come out to prop the engine for him. Since it was cold out he jabbed the throttle and it nosed over on him curling the tips of the prop. I remember him telling me how it cost him $60 to replace the prop and being a young father with four kids at home it was too expensive for him and he quit flying, but always had a passion for flying. He has since passed away and I now have that prop. I would love to make a wall display with the prop, a photograph of a cub of that era and one of the instruments that would have been found in that plane. Is there a source where I might be able to pick up an instrument or even just the face of an instrument to put in the display?"

If you can help Max out, send me an email and I'll forward the information to him. Blue skies! — Daniel Ford

Classic Cubs, from Taylor and Piper:

What's a Cub? (from the E-2 to the PA-18 Top Cub)
Production figures (from Taylor to Zlin Aviation)
Assembling Cubs at San Benito on the Gulf of Mexico
Restoring Marion Carl's J-2
Piper Cubs of the Luftwaffe
Four One Victor, all new, all over again :)
Meet Leah Jones, one of the original Piper crew
Liberty Girl: around the world in an L-4 Grasshopper
A Sentimental Journey to Lock Haven
San Diego to Lock Haven, 2003 (Len Buckel)

Cub wannabes of a later time:

The Legend Cub: a J-3 for the 21st century
The Tiger Cub Ultralight
The Savage, a lookalike with a Rotax engine
The Wall Street Journal salutes the Top Cub (Lynn Lunsford)
The Aviat Husky, another more-or-less Super Cub

Flying Tigers

Some highly practical stuff:

Everything up to date: adding an ELT, handheld radio, and GPS to the Cub
The story of Cub Yellow
Inspection Reports for Classic Cubs and the Super Cub
Choosing the engine for a J-3 (John Renwick)
Getting Cub records and Airworthiness Directives
The case for a wood prop (Tim Kern)
A wind generator for a Piper Cub
Removing the gas tank on a Piper J-3 (Len Buckel)
Fixing the brakes on a J-3 Cub (Len Buckel)
That Marvel-ous Mystery Oil (Robert Parker)
Piper Cub instrument panel (Stu Bright)
Hand propping a Cub (Lynn Towns)
Recovering a Piper Cub (John Scott)
J-3 Weight & balance table; specs for the C3-65 engine
Pre-flighting a J-3
Clearing up the paperwork on a J-3 Cub

Books and suchlike:

A Piper Cub bibliography
Subscribe to Cub Clues newsletter
Taildragger Tales (Daniel Ford)
The Compleat Taildragger Pilot (Harvey Plourde)
Janey: A Little Plane in a Big War (Alfred Schultz)
L-Birds and the Brodie Device (Terry Love)

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Flying Tigers

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