An Alaska pilot shares his secrets

Bush Flying
Guide to Bush Flying: Concepts and Techniques for the Pro

(F. E. Potts)

This book was assigned to me as homework for Andover Flight Academy's bush-flying course. I found that most if it didn't apply to the sort of flying I expect do, which is improved grass fields, on wheels. (The airport would be very annoyed if I made an actual bush landing.) Potts for good reason devotes a lot of space to sandbars, snow, and sub-zero and ski-plane operations, and to my regret I'll probably never do any of that.

So the book for me came down to three chapters: takeoffs, approaches, and landings. These are valuable but very short. (Chapter 18 on landings is a bit more than five pages!) There are some useful black-white photographs, all at the back of the book.

For those in the market for an airplane, Potts explains the quirks and advantages of the PA-18 Super Cub and the Cessna 180, but doesn't branch out to the Aviat Husky, despite the fact that it was in production when the book came out in 1993.

The book is available at Amazon.com. I bought my copy there, but as a secondhand book in good condition, which brought the price down to a more reasonable $25. Generaly there are several used or Marketplace copies available in that price range. You can also look at:

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