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Getting aircraft records from the FAA

Zero Six Hotel's bill of sale
Zero Six Hotel sold for $2,195 in October 1946

You can't believe (well, I didn't believe) what the FAA has on file about the aircraft you're interested in. I went online, paid five bucks, and a fortnight later got a CD in the mail with about 250 pages of records, from Piper's original bill of sale for N7006H right down to the STC for automotive gasoline that the airport obtained the previous year. Every major repair (well, every one that was reported to the FAA) and every change of ownership for more than half a century!

Click here for the FFA page.

The CD radio button is checked by default (paper records will cost you more). Evidently you now need to provide both the N number and the serial number of your aircraft. From there on, it's pretty much a standard online credit-card purchase.

Finding Airworthiness Directives for a Cub

The Federal Aviation Administration also has a clickable page for all current Airworthiness Directives. Go to the FAA website and drill down as follows:

  • Click on Current ADs / By Make

  • Look under P

  • Scroll down to Piper Aircraft, Inc., The New

    That list will expand to each model including Taylor, Piper, and New Piper. It includes all Cubs from the Taylor E-2 through the Piper PA-18 and beyond.

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