Tiger Cub
Max Rentz's Tiger Cub UL, first flight November 2006


Tiger Cub ultralight

A tip of the virtual hat to Max Rentz, who alerted the Piper Cub Builders List to this darling little airplane. He built it a tiny (25 horsepower, one cylinder) F33 Hirth engine, which qualified as an Ultralight under FAR 103. It's now sold with a more robust 447 or 503 Rotax engine, qualifying under the Sport Pilot program.


Here are some of the Tiger Cub specs, assuming a 170-lb pilot, with figures for the 447 Rotax on the left and those for the 503 on the right:

Gross weight: 600 lb / 650 lb
Stall full flaps: 25 mph / 27 mph
Cruise: 65 mph / 75 mph
Take-off roll: 150 ft / 75 ft
Landing roll: 300 ft / 300 ft
VNE: 90 mph / 90 mph

"Standard shop tools and a single-car garage are all that's required," says the Tiger Cub website. Plans cost $250, with an estimated 650 hours required for a scratch-built plane. Various part packages are also available, and a "basic kit" without engine costs $10,560 (450 hours estimated for completion). $25,800 gets you a "quick-build kit" with the beefier engine and a wooden prop (150 hours estimated for completion), or get it ready-to-fly for $33,500. Various options are available that could drive the final price as high as $36,815--ready to fly, with electric start, tricycle landing gear, O'Brien hydraulic brakes, a second carb for that Rotax engine, and streamlined struts. (Prices current as of April 2008.)

See the Tiger Cub website for more. There's also a Tiger Cub builders' email list on Yahoo Groups, founded by that same Max Rentz.